About Me

Hi, I’m Sam, the Dog Behaviour Coach and Owner Educator behind Win Win Dog Training. 

Each week I want to share with you lots of dog-related stories, tips and techniques about dogs’ behaviour, how to establish the best friendship with your dog… and much more.

Dogs teach and inspire me every day and I want to share with you what I’ve learned.

I will give you examples of how the Dog Calming Code, a leading-edge method of training, treats unwanted dog behaviour issues by using what your dog instinctively knows. It’s a kind and calm technique that I have come to love and promote – because I know it works.

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Sam consults in
Ohope, Whakatane, Opotiki, Kawerau, Rotorua, Tauranga
(and all places in between).

(027) 251 9383



My Story

When the family Border Collie died some 4 years ago, I went on an educational journey to improve my knowledge of dog behaviour in order to understand how to get the best out of our family’s next dog. After searching around I joined the Online Dog Trainer and learnt about the wonders of the Dog Calming Code.

When my new border collie came along, I put all this learning into training this gorgeous pup and he responded incredibly well. Not only that, but my eight-year-old Foxy (Dash) was under the same rules and her behaviour improved out of sight! That was the turning point for me. I was convinced and so excited about how I could use this to help other people with their dogs’ behaviour.

After seeing how successful these techniques were, I continued on my journey to become an Owner Educator.

I am now one of only two dog trainers in New Zealand, certified through the Dog Trainer Academy, using the Dog Calming Code as the foundation to train your fabulous family dogs.

“It’s really cool because the process is simple but specific and ultimately the dogs are the judge of success”

When I’m not training dogs, I spend my time enjoying being outside in fabulous BOP, enjoying the beaches, running trails and trying my hand at surfing (or maybe I should say falling).  Let’s chat soon.